Welcome to the one of highest restaurant in the Europe
The Sixty restaurant is unique, first of all, for its location: the view from the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower will take your breath away. Sixty is one of the highest restaurants in Europe. From here it is good to admire the sunrises and sunsets, see the clouds under your feet and watch the flight of birds. The restaurant has a unique window system that allows them to open at a height of 62 floors - it has no analogues anywhere in the world.

The city remained far below, the clear Moscow sky is very close. This place is ideal for enjoying the sunrise and sunset while watching the clouds under your feet and flying birds.

The Sixty is not only ultra-modern urban skyscraper style, but also bright juicy colors in the style of Andy Warhol and Blow Up create a festive atmosphere and evoke a flurry of emotions.

The Sixty demonstrates a new taste in everything - interior, food, service and atmosphere. Our motto is the higher the better. The interiors fascinate no less than the views of the capital from a height of almost 242 meters.

Here we serve the best cocktails and delicious food, hold bright parties with the trendiest DJs and meet the most famous guests! Business lunches, romantic dinners or vibrant parties - Sixty is perfect for any occasion.
Open from 12 noon to midnight

Moscow -City, Federation Tower, 62nd floor